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Current as of 23th Feb 2023

Our services are free software and distributed in the hope that they will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE

The following terms of use (“Terms“) are produced by us the operators (“us”, “we”, “our”) and govern the contractual relationship (“Contract”) between us and users (“you”, “your”, “User”, “Users”) of the add-on called Affilitizer (“Add-on”) which is available at: https://www.affilitizer.com

You can contact us at any time using the contact form available at https://affilitizer.freshdesk.com/de/support/home.

Our Add-on is offered to you free of charge. In return, we ask that you read the following Terms carefully and take note of them. Our services are provided to you exclusively on the basis of these Terms. Any terms and conditions or terms of use you may have shall not form part of the Contract unless we expressly agree to them.

1. Subject matter

A Contract between us and you governing the use of the Add-on shall come into existence upon installation of the Add-on.

2. Mode of operation

The Add-on will help you finding affiliate-programs. It will show an icon within the browser while you surf and in search-results within search-engines. The Add-on is for free.

3. Right of use

Your entitlement to use the Add-on is subject to you being above the age of 18 at the time of installation or to you obtaining the consent of a legal representative (e.g. parents).

4. Our rights and duties

In light of the available technical and operational possibilities, we shall facilitate your use of the Add-on. As such, you are granted a temporally and geographically unlimited, and non-exclusive right to use the Add-on subject to the following conditions.

We reserve the right to modify or undertake technical changes to our service without giving prior notice, so far as such action can be considered reasonable to Users.

We reserve the right to cease operation of the Add-on for an indefinite period or entirely.

Furthermore, we are entitled, irrespective of any other statutory rights, to exclude Users from the use of the Add-on.

5. Your rights and duties

The permitted use of the Add-on entails its installation and use in accordance with its intended purpose. You are not entitled to lease the Add-on or to sub-licence it in any other form; or to communicate or make the Add-on available to the public, whether by wire or wireless means.

Any modifications to the Add-on which exceed the intended purpose require our prior consent. This includes, for example, amendments to the source code, the integrated commentary texts; or adaptation to suit a new user interface.

You are prohibited from exploiting bugs and/or errors in the Add-on’s programming for your own purposes. Known bugs and/or errors should be reported to us as quickly as possible via the contact form.

6. Operational capability

We shall strive, on the basis of the technical possibilities, to enable the constant operation of the Add-ons. Due to maintenance, security and capacity reasons, brief disruptions and temporary limitations to the Add-on cannot be excluded.

By accepting the Terms, you explicitly agree that, in order to ensure the full scale operational capability of the add-ons’ security updates for the respective browser, we will make an initial evaluation of the updates before installing them for you. The security updates’ evaluation shall take place within a reasonable time period, but without delay upon release.

You further acknowledge that we cannot guarantee an unlimited operation capability of the add-on.

7. Updates and additional functionalities

We shall endeavour to keep the Add-on up-to-date through regular updates. You have the possibility of preventing updates from being installed by deactivating the automatic update function in your browser’s add-on manager. The updates close security gaps, extend the Add-on’s functional features and supplement other Add-on applications. The updates are offered to users free of charge.

8. Indemnity

You shall indemnify us against all claims brought by third parties as a result of you violating third party rights or breaching statutory provisions through the use of the Add-on. In this event, you shall reimburse all our legal costs, including legal representation costs. Any additional claims to compensation we may have remain unaffected.

9. Term

You may use the Add-on for an indefinite period. As soon as you uninstall the Add-on in its entirety, the mutual obligations shall cease. You can uninstall the Add-On anytime over the browser-menue.

We reserve the right to cancel the use of the Add-on earlier if you violate these terms.

10. Liability an security

Our liability for minor negligent breaches shall be limited to such damage as is foreseeable and arises directly and naturally from the contract, unless the breach causes damage to life, limb or health; is a breach of guarantee; or affects the rights arising from the Product Liability Act. The limitation on liability shall also not apply to breaches of duties, the fulfilment of which is necessary for the proper performance of the contract and the compliance with which you can generally rely on. The same applies to breaches of duty by our agents.

We shall use all reasonable endeavours to keep the Add-on free from known computer viruses. As such, you acknowledge however that for technical reasons we cannot guarantee complete freedom from viruses. No claims can be brought against us for end equipment becoming infected with computer viruses as a result of using the Add-on. This includes claims for the replacement of lost data.

We shall not be liable for disruptions to the Add-on, such as failure of the server or the software, which result from technical or legal circumstances that are beyond our control.

11. Final provisions

The laws of the Federal Public of Germany shall exclusively govern these Terms and the contractual relationship between you and us. So far as they would be applicable, the provisions of international private law and the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods are expressly excluded.

Where Users are business entities, legal persons under German public law or bodies administering public law special funds, the courts of Heilbronn shall have exclusive jurisdiction over all disputes arising directly or indirectly from this contractual relationship, including, in particular, disputes concerning cheques and bills of exchange. In this event, we shall also be entitled to sue the User at its registered place of business.

We reserve the right to amend these Terms without giving reason, unless the amendment is unreasonable for you as the User. We shall immediately inform you about amendments to these Terms. If you do not object within two weeks to the validity of the Terms as amended, you shall be deemed to have accepted the amended Terms. At the commencement of this time period, we undertake to draw your particular attention to the foreseen significance of your conduct.

Amendments to these Terms must be in writing. Supplementary agreements shall not apply.

Should provisions or fundamental parts of these Terms be void or voidable, in part or in their entirety, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

Please also read our privacy statements.

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