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Thousands of publishers are already using the affilitizer to find new advertisers.

Connecting your network is free and will instantly show your affiliate programs to all publishers.

Fast growing number of publishers

Instant listing

Connecting is free

How to connect

  • Please provide a download of all currently listed affiliate programs in a CSV, XML or JSON format

  • The list must include:

    • The advertisers name (e.g. apple)

    • The advertisers website (e.g.

    • optional: Your landingpage of the program (e.g.

  • A always up-to-date list must be ready for donwload several times a day

  • Maybe you already have a publisher-API that meets these requirements. Please make sure that no restrictions or activity monitoring is set for our publisher or API account, since we will not be promoting any advertisers nor generating traffic. We will only be promoting your affiliate programs.

Promoting affilitizer

Of course we would love you to share the affilitizer with your publishers!

  • Social media channels like Twitter or Facebook

  • Publisher newsletters

  • Promotion on publisher dashboard

  • Listing in special "tool" sections

  • Editorials in blogs or news

We can provide an individual landingpage like this:

All publishers connected via this landingpage will only have your network activated and will only see your affiliate programs by default.

If the publisher chooses to activate additional networks, your network will always be listed at the top of any list.

If you have futher questions please get in touch!
We are looking forward to working with you!